Private spiritual counseling sessions are designed for healing, depth, self-discovery and empowerment. You are supported in becoming present and intimate with what is inside yourself. Being held in a loving presence allows you to courageously face and connect with your experience. This helps you to accept, feel and move through emotional difficulties, trauma, wounds from your childhood or life experience, hidden mental beliefs, behaviors and tensions patterns.

Healing will happen on all levels of your being from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. These sessions are a deep inquiry into your psyche and your consciousness, facilitating transformation, awakening and alchemy. Often we are afraid of being naked and intimate with ourselves based on earlier experiences of being judged, hurt or rejected. Being intimate with yourself is a brave and wise act that allows you to heal and know yourself more deeply.

Through learning to meet and embrace your experience, the places where you have felt powerless or stuck begin to heal. In time, they will no longer grip or define you. Your emotional energy, thoughts and habits will become fluid and dynamic and begin to digest. The wounds you have felt crippled by will be given the proper nutriments to heal and integrate.

You will learn to listen to yourself deeply, which will awaken your intuitive power and guidance. This guidance will become an internal resource to help you navigate the complexities inside yourself. As you embrace your interior world, you will begin to trust the natural unfoldment of your process. An energetic spaciousness and love will open to hold you. This will allow you to touch wisdom, insight, clarity and understanding, which are keys to your well being and freedom.
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