Fulfilled Living
Wellness Center
The Goal of Network Chiropractic is to support the consciousness, advance the practice of, and promote the public availability of Network Spinal Analysis. This shall be in relationship to emerging strategies for personal and global healing, wholeness, enhanced quality of life, and human experience.

Dragon Heart--Steven Finkbine l.A.c.
Steven Finkbine owns and operates the Alchemist Lab. He is an acupuncturist and herbalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. AL is here to assist you in understanding and treating Hepatitis C virus infection.

Fairfax Community Wellness Center
Professional holistic healthcare at an
affordable price!

Pawan Bareja
I offer one-on-one trauma resolution sessions, teach mindfulness and trauma classes and offer rituals for officiating marriages, baby blessings, and many more.  

Sharon Lacy, D.C. 
Intu-it Release 
Experience a profound release of deeply invested patterns through the focused use of breath, gentle holding and ever so intricate, delicate resistance. Every session is unique, and complete upon the sense of being “met’ with peace, stillness and wholeness. Welcome Om. 
BioPhoton Therapy 

Human beings, like every life form, have a unique signature in their light expression. When signals of another origin disturb the integrity of the individual’s light-the coherency, symptoms appear.
Light is emitted by all life, is called a biophoton (the language of light) and has been found to be the steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions. Our ability to address imbalances (illness- expressions of incoherent light) on the level of biophotons ignites the body’s ability to restore the coherency of the light, the natural capacity for self-healing and release energetic imbalances. Be lit with your own coherent light. 
At Fulfilled Living Wellness Center and in Sebastopol
Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick, ND, DHANP
Naturopathic Doctor, Board Certified in Classical Homeopathy, Mind-Body Medicine, Acute and Chronic Illness
Offices in Mill Valley and San Anselmo
Christina Ricchi CMT, CD
Rest, Nourish and Transform
Integrative Massage, Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Birth Doula Support, Placenta Encapsulation

Pauline Wakeham LCSW
"Making strong in the broken places"
Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
San Francisco and Oakland

Trinity Rose Sipila
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies,

Therapeutic Massage,
Yoga & Qi Gung

Lisa Hartnett, D.C. Contact Me