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I combine Network Chiropractic with Intuitive and Energy Healing.

Our sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with, heal and more deeply understand the roots of your symptoms. You are supported in exploring and moving through the mental, emotional and spiritual layers that contribute to and are inextricably linked to your physical symptoms.

Through intuitive and energy healing, I am guided to the places within you that are receptive to and need healing. I listen deeply to your body, touching and holding places of tension, stored memories and lack of connection. My experience is that caring, attuned touch awakens your body’s healing energy and its natural ability to open, self-regulate, release and find a new equilibrium. I have found that given the appropriate environment and contact, the body gravitates toward healing and harmony.

With Network Chiropractic, gentle contacts are held at specific spinal Gateways. Gateways are areas of ease and receptivity in your body, which are contacted to help activate your internal healing power.
The intent of these contacts is to help your body’s own self-generated movement and respiration assist in the correction of tension and interference in your nervous system. This tension comes from repetitive or unresolved physical, chemical, mental and emotional stresses and traumas. This care is a continuum of increasing self awareness and self-corrective efficiency.

Our sessions are transformational. As you consciously connect with and release stored tensions, more easeful ways of being and living are recognized and actualized. Through our time together you will find that the quality of your life is enriched and that you experience greater levels of fulfillment and depth. You will begin to live more authentically.

Your central nervous system controls and coordinates your organs and all systems of your body such as your immune system, endocrine system, digestive system and much more. It is the communication channel that directs and allows healing. Clearing and purifying your central nervous system allows for a clear, fulfilled and present life. A large research study showed people under Network care enjoyed improved physical well-being, greater life enjoyment, positive lifestyle changes and improved overall quality of life.

| If you look deeply into the palm
of your hand you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.
| Thich Nhat Hanh |
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