Immediately I am feeling so much better and my back has strength and energy again. What great work you are doing. You created a space that totally allowed healing to happen. It made a big difference.”
—Robert, San Anselmo

Dr. Lisa is a gifted healer. With Lisa’s help, I continue to release attachment and am liberated from conditioned patterns that have kept me safe, defended and small. As I heal and expand I am reminded of the being I truly am!
—Melanie, San Anselmo, CA

I’ve been going to Lisa for many years. She is not only a skilled energetic healer, she knows how to create a completely safe space enabling her patients to receive full benefit from her work. A gifted listener, she tunes into both body and spirit, gets where you need support, and delivers the compassionate understanding necessary for full release and relaxation of emotional and physical tension. I recommend her work to anyone who is experiencing pain and dis-ease, and/or feels stuck, directionless, unhappy, and uninspired.
—Kristine N.

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Dr. Lisa is an amazing healer. Extremely intuitive, she guides you to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical causes of your issue. As a result, she enables your body to heal itself. I have been to multiple chiropractors who were good at adjusting me, but my body could never hold the adjustment for more than a day or two no matter how many times I went. With Dr Lisa, because my body is re-educating itself, it is finding its own new balance. Even more than the physical changes, I appreciate the spiritual growth and emotional healing. Dr Lisa really gets how deep healing happens. She is a rare gem!
Renee S., San Francisco, CA

I found Lisa to be a very sensitive and gifted healer and energy worker. I immediately felt very comfortable with her and, in our session, I was able to access some deep parts of myself that I hadn’t for a long time. I would recommend her to anyone seeking healing on a deep level and a more profound experience of themselves.
—Michael McHam, S.F
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Lisa resolved my pain issue with one session.
I visited her because I had aggravated the herniated discs between my shoulder blades when I did a lengthy weed-wacking job. I could not stand up straight and every move with my arms caused a jabbing sharp pain. Lisa combined Network with a very gentle traditional adjustment, plus some energetic and sound healing and I was brand new again. Thanks so much Lisa!
—Joanne A.

I love and appreciate you and the amazing work you do. The clarity you bring through really helps me integrate all my personal work. It is an anchor for me.
—Paul, San Geronimo

It has been a profound blessing to work with Lisa. Through our work together, Lisa helped me to establish a deeper connection with my body and I began to experience my own internal wisdom and healing resources. I came to know a deep sense of confidence, balance, and strength where I had often previously felt hopeless, fearful, and completely overwhelmed. Lisa's support was deeply life-changing and, at times, life-saving! I am forever grateful.
Lisa's approach was unique compared to other practitioners I had worked with. She was always able to authentically connect and hear what was needed for my healing, based on my body's natural wisdom and communication. There was no sense of an imposed healing agenda, but rather a safe container wherein I could be guided by a deeper intelligence. I was never pushed to go beyond what was being communicated through wisdom and connection. Therefore, the healing sessions always felt smooth, clear, nourishing, and grounded, even through difficult or dark emotional terrain. I was so often blown away and overjoyed with the power and clarity that Lisa's insight offered with regard to not only my healing journey but my whole life!
Thank you so much for all you have taught me!
—Jason Rush

| The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes. Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It is the ultimate source of success of life. |
| H. H. Dalai Lama |
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