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Lisa’s intuitive heart connection to animals, and her ability to communicate with them, was profoundly apparent during the Animal Communication workshop I participated in on July 7th at the Marin Humane Society which Lisa co-led.
Whenever animals were present they were immediately calmed by her presence and touch. It was a silent and extraordinary interaction to observe. Watching it underscored my interest in cultivating my own intuitive abilities and capacities to communicate with the many other species who share this planet with us.
Carol, Mill Valley

Dr. Lisa Hartnett met our dog with kindness and confidence few humans could resist.
Our animal was immediately curious as to what Dr. Lisa had to offer and was surprisingly receptive. This same dog, at the Vet’s office, showed signs of hyperactivity and distress.
Dr. Hartnett surely has a way with the four-legged.

Bonnie Gray

Thank you very much for coming over today to help heal Fergie and also to check on Veronica. They are both sleeping now and very comfortable and happy, much like after a human has a healing! Your energy is very powerful and I hope you continue doing this for a very long time! You are a very gifted healer and definitely needed by so many humans and animals.
I am especially grateful to you for letting me know about Veronica and the pre-cancerous condition. Thanks with great love and gratitude, my cats are such a huge part of my life!
—Penny Dyer, Ph.D., Curriculum Design Institute

I first met Lisa Hartnett at Holistic Hound in Berkeley several years ago with my
dog Dillon.
I came to meet Lisa with the intention to discover why Dillon was so reactive despite his loving nature. I had run out of options to keep him safe. Almost immediately, Dillon responded favorably to Lisa in his unique way of showing trust towards her. Dillon had previously taught me much about people, their character and whom he would trust. I, too, felt this connection and the 30-minute session that followed would change both our lives forever.
In the years to follow, I received Lisa’s monthly news letters via-email and began to look forward to her teachings.I bookmarked her web site and would often visit her site when I need to adjust my attitude and feel whole.
In 2007, both my parents died and I turned 50. I found myself in a place so dark and full of doubt and pain I was paralyzed. Nothing I tried relieved my suffering. I was concerned that my behavior was affecting my dog Dillon, so I called Lisa and made an appointment to see her. In the beginning of our second visit, I realized it was I who needed her healing this time. She reassured me that Dillon was fine and offered to help me begin to gain my strength back and to stop suffering.
There is something special and unique about Lisa. She can meet you where you are in your development at any given moment. She sees clearly what you are feeling inside and can mirror back to you in your own language what you are actually experiencing and how to change its direction and affect. Lisa does this without judgment. Lisa does not patronize your suffering with her prescriptions for change. Lisa simply lives her truth and is connected to the healing energy in the world.
Lisa has helped me to identify where my beliefs come up against my experiences and has showed me how to feel separate from my suffering. This is something I was never able to accomplish in 30+ years of traditional psychotherapy. Lisa has given me the tools to shift my conscious mind away from the toxic patterns towards my true self-image so I can re-connect to the intuitive inspiration that is my strength and I can heal myself from this powerful place.
Lisa Hartnett lives her truth, speaks with compassion, and is an authentic healer.
Sharon Green, www.sharongreenphotography.com

Thank you so much. I am grateful for your love and help. You’ve helped me pass through this wall full of fear of how to help my dog.
I feel this growing strength and power that I know how to help him now and no longer feel powerless. You’ve helped clear my path. I feel like your opening doors left and right for me personally as well. I feel so good. I feel like I’ve been sitting waiting for death to come get me and I don’t anymore. I want to live. Thank you for helping me see my beauty again. I feel open, accessible, allowing and safe.
Fiona, Berkeley

Lisa is an extraordinary gifted animal communicator and intuitive healer. I was impressed and deeply moved by how she was able to tune into our two beloved kitties and share important messages with me as related to both their emotions and overall physical health. Some of her messages confirmed what I had intuited, others came as a surprise and hence proved to be most helpful. Lisa is also very knowledgeable about supplements and herbal remedies. I highly recommend her to anybody who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of their pets!
—Isabella Price
Educator, Speaker, Author of the One Truth, Many Paths Book Series

I can’t thank you enough for the times you came to
my house.

After your visit, everything changed dramatically. I really listened to what you said and spent more time with Zoë. We started having some time each day for the two of us, without Panda zooming around. Her spirits brightened considerably.
Your feel for my animals is remarkable. That first day I was astonished how they all just came to you; even Quincy, who so rarely left her bed. What a gift you have been to me. Your words truly touched my heart and soul. You told me that Panda needed a friend, a kitten just about his age, and, miracle of miracles, the day after you left a kitten appeared on our doorstep.
I thank you for your energy and support. You have such a wonderful gift and I appreciate your sharing it with us. All of us have been touched by you in a very special way. Thank you.
Peggy, Zoë, Panda, and always Quincy, Oakland, CA

Dr. Hartnett came to my home to help Rocky, my 9-year-old Golden retriever; heal from a back injury.
She not only realigned his torqued spine with her Reiki techniques, but she quietly communicated with him. She understood that Rocky was taking on and was burdened by the sorrow of my husband who was grieving a loss. She shared this with us and we went through a process of freeing Rocky so he would fully heal and regain his vigor and strength. Lisa also communicated with my 7-year-old female Golden retriever, Rainbow, and taught me to shift the way I relate to her. In the process, Rainbow was freed from defensive and willful behavior.
The greatest gift is Dr. Hartnett’s teaching so that we can go on communicating with our animals in a new way. We are very grateful.
Meredith Pechoultres, Larkspur, California

Thank you so much for coming over and listening to what my beloved pets had to say. I feel more a peace with them. Isn’t that wonderful? I am happier and so are they. I am picking up new songs from the cockatiel tapes and singing with them. Thanks for all your gifts; and thank you for letting me know about Tristan’s death. I thing the reading was more for me than for them. Thank you so much.
—Marty, Redwood City

| Until one has loved an animal a part
of one's soul remains unawakened.
| Anatole France |
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