Animal sessions are a unique opportunity for learning, clarity and healing for both you and your animal. The magic of transformation occurs when communication and healing are facilitated. Sessions are multifaceted, addressing your animal’s physical and psychological health through communication and intuitive and energy healing. In our session, I will help you understand your animal’s needs, emotional and physical state and your part in his or her health and well-being. I come to each session open and am guided by the energy that is present. To sense what is needed for healing, I listen to your animal, to you and to my own intuition. At the beginning of a session I like to be quiet to establish a good connection with your animal. In that silent connection, healing and communication happens. I will share what I receive and perceive, and if you have specific questions, you may ask me.

Stored energies from memories, traumas, improper diet, vaccinations and medications result in physical tensions and blockages. These cause an animal to alter their authentic behavior and adapt to a state of distress. This affects the closeness and connection you can have with your animal and, if unaddressed, can lead to disease, behavioral changes and other symptoms.

Energy healing allows release of these stored energies through all available channels—physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Internal and structural shifts are supported to help restore balance and circulation to your animal’s tissues, organs, central nervous system and aura. To further support your animal companion’s health and well being and your relationship, flower essences, dietary changes, communication and/or lifestyle changes may be recommended.

My services include communicating with animals who have passed, helping with behavioral and health challenges, supporting animals in the dying process, adding a new member to your family and healing for injuries or past negative experiences. I assist you in getting to know your animal better and understanding his or her perspective as well as enhancing and expanding your relationship. I will help you understand what your animal is teaching and reflecting to you. Your session will also help shift how you relate to and communicate with your animal. In valuing both you and your animal’s needs and well-being, an atmosphere of respect, love and cooperation is created.

Often our animal friends are our mirrors and teachers. They may manifest our own illnesses and habit patterns. Therefore, I ask you to attend the session and be open to seeing your role in the animal’s health and well-being in a different way. During the session, information about you may arise, leading me to help you as well.
The intricate connection between you and your animal is
acknowledged and respected.

| Companion animals are natural teachers. They help people of all ages learn about responsibility, loyalty, empathy, sharing, and unconditional love. |
| author unknown |
Lisa Hartnett is a licensed Chiropractor specializing in Network Chiropractic and Intuitive and Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling.

She serves animals through communication, medical intuition and energy healing. Home visits are available in San Francisco, the East Bay and Marin. She also offers long-distance telephone sessions and office appointments. Lisa was featured on Channel 5 Evening News, in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Piedmont Newspaper and the Point Reyes Light.
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