Animals sometimes need help in a variety of ways. In one case, there was a cat whose attitude had changed after a new cat was introduced into her family. I listened to the cat’s feelings and needs and then recommended a flower essence to help her adjust to the change. In another session, a golden retriever had a skin condition throughout his life that no one could diagnose. Through a medical intuitive insight, it was revealed that the dog was allergic to his heart worm medication. The caregiver was encouraged to look into an alternative instead.

We sometimes forget that our animal companions are perceptive and have feelings. We have learned to domesticate them to our way of life, forgetting to respect their needs, desires and well-being. Our relationships with our animal companions, like all healthy relationships, need to be reciprocal and mutual. Out of habit, we tend to dominate and try to control our animals, or we relate to them through the lens of responsibility. When we come from these approaches, we loose touch with their preciousness as sentient beings. Our true learning is to remember and reclaim our kinship with our four-legged friends.

Transforming your relationship with your animal requires a willingness to change how you see things and the way you connect to life. As a facilitator and healer, I can help you see clearly and allow the light of your own consciousness to bring about transformation and change. When we are open and listen, we often find that our animal friends are here to support and teach us in our journey through life.
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Here are some stories of my experiences and sessions with animals and their caregivers.

Communication serves as a needed bridge between the worlds of human and animal. One client was giving her horse to a new family to support the horse’s desire for motherhood. The horse immediately communicated her need to connect with the woman before being moved. That weekend the woman went to the horse and the horse immediately cradled the woman’s head under her jaw. The woman sobbed. She said she felt a letting go of lifetimes and a deep sense of completion. We are connected to life and in opening to that connection we experience fullness and satisfaction.

Animals can show us the preciousness of life, and often present opportunities for us to learn, see ourselves more clearly and to let go of old ways of relating that no longer serve us. I was called to help a dog who was mean in certain situations. I inquired into the behavior and the dog conveyed images of dominating, forceful training that she had endured when she was young. Her caregiver sadly confirmed this. Through a few sessions, the animal and the caregiver both opened to a new way of relating that changed the quality of their lives together.

Often in a session, the caregiver needs support and help as well. A client’s dog had injured his spine in an accident. In communicating with him, he expressed concern and love for his caregiver, showing me images of her sad and worried about her life circumstances. When told what the dog was conveying, tears filled the caregiver’s eyes. After that the dog opened to energy healing, allowing me to help relieve his soreness and swelling. It was clear to me that prior to the accident his tissues were already impacted by absorbing his caregiver’s energy. The dog also shared other pains and worries, and through our session he let go of these and began to heal. Our animal companions often manifest symptoms or diseases that mirror our energy or physical and emotional state.

| For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them. |
| Thich Nhat Hanh |
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